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And it’s what we set out to do every day.
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Experienced Care Workers We assembled an incredible team of Experienced Care Workers who are truly
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Practical Support Bathing, restroom activities, incontinence care, grooming,
personal hygiene, dressing and walking
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Our Mission

To provide a person-centred Supported Living and domiciliary care support for the young 0-25 years SEND, young adults 18 and above and the elderly from 65 years with physical or and  mental health issues, disabilities and complex and multiple disorders which encompass both health and social care needs with the following diagnosis/conditions: dementia, Alzheimer’s, motor neurone disease, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, cerebro-vascular accidents (stroke) and those with re-enablement/rehabilitation needs after fracture/s, or upon hospital discharge from other ailments.

To support service users with self-directed support using direct payments or personal budget.

To provide a high level of care and support to service users in their own home with trained staff who can meet their assessed needs.

To promote a user-led service that responds to changing needs, circumstances and demand.

To promote choice and control irrespective of religion, ethnicity, gender, age and sexual orientation.

To support and promote health, independence and well-being.

Care Is Easier Than Ever.

Let us treat your loved ones like a family.
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How We Support You

How We Support You

Our priority is your privacy, dignity, choice and control. We provide a high level of care and support to you in your own home with trained staff who can meet your assessed needs. The first stage is to discuss and plan your care with you in order to achieve your agreed goals or outcomes while promoting your independence and well-being.

What is the cost?

You may wish to fund your care or top up the service you receive through your Local Authority using direct payments or personal budget (IF FUNDING IS PROVIDED BY THE LOCAL AUTHORITY)

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Getting quality Home Care with Felicity Care is easier than ever. Let us treat your loved ones like a family.


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